How to:

1) From the Control Panel on the back-end: Content > Article Manager > Add New Article.



2) Next fill out required criteria (NOTE: Title* and Category*). You can also set custom Status and Access levels from the drop down. In addition to, the WYSIWYG editor can assist in font style along with adding a link or image to your content. Once done we can "Save and Close" by clicking on the button located on the upper right hand corner of the screen.


3) Next we want to update a the desired menu item. In this example we want to make our changes in the Consumer's (Public) HOME page. We will need to locate our "Menus" drop down and select our TOP CONSUMERS menu.



4) After locating the correct menu, we want to find the appropriate "menu item" (In this case we want to update our "How to" menu item with a more relevant article).



5) Finally, to make our change we will want to click on the "Select/Change" button located to the right.




This will open up our Article Manager with all the Articles we have created (NOTE: feel free to use the filter functions to help locate an article by key word, access level, status, category, etc.). In this example we want to replace an irrelevant single article with an article that contains relevant content (example: "Place Content HERE" How to Create an Article). Once we have found our article, click on the title to select it.



 After selecting the appropriate article, we will need to click "Save and Close" to apply our changes to the front end.