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Joining a committee has always been a great way to make new contacts and learn about new trends in our profession. Committees are an integral part of the success of our organization. They supplement the work of the board and staff, engage members and develop into leaders. Joining a committee has always been a great way to make new contacts, learn about new trends in our profession and have a voice in shaping the Association’s direction. Each year over one hundred REALTORS® and Affiliates become active participants in the Bakersfield Association of REALTORS® committees. If you’d like to get more involved or simply have some great ideas, joining a committee is the perfect place to start. We have plenty of opportunities for you.


Committees Open to Member Volunteers

These committees are made up of members who volunteer their time and effort. Members can apply to serve on one or more committee based on their interests. Some committees have requirements for membership while others have waiting lists. If you are interested in becoming a committee volunteer, please contact Cindy at 661-635-2315 or click on the Volunteer button below and complete the form.

XYZ Association of REALTORS® provides many MLS services and tools designed specifically for you.

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  • Rapattoni MLS - The Rapattoni MLS is a full-featured MLS that allows users to:
    • Search for listings, hotsheets, open houses
    • Create and edit listings and open houses
    • Create CMAs and reports
    • Manage prospects and auto-prospecting
  • Cloud CMA - Use Clould CMA to create and edit CMAs
  • SentryLock - The SentryLock website allows you to manage all aspects of your SentryLock lockboxes
  • Supra - The Supra website allows you to manage all aspects of your Supra lockboxes
  • Find - a search and informational site powered by
  • Previsite, a FREE virtual tour on each of your listings, click and login for details
  • TrendGraphix/TrendVision - Statistics and graphs can be created for selected market areas
  • RPR - Realtor Property Resource - a national property database powered by the National Association of REALTORS
  • Mercado
  • HomePath - Short sale informational site produced by Fannie Mae which will offer up-to-date financing and incentives information needed to assist you and your buyers and sellers in conducting a short sale transaction
  • Department of Real Estate - XYZ State DRE - for the ease of checking licensing and other critical information helpful in conducting your business with fellow real estate professionals,
  • State Association of REALTORS -  The website for the XYZ State Association of REALTORS
  • National Association of REALTORS - The website for the National Association of REALTORS